Firearms dealer in Sturbridge, MA

Eaton Gunsmithing

Eaton Gunsmithing

Ron (left), pictured with Bron at the shop.

Our partner, Eaton Gunsmithing, is led by Ron, who typically specializes in the repair and cleaning of classic firearms.
Ron has been working with guns since the 1970s, and has graduated from The Colorado School of Trades with an Associate’s in Gunsmithing.

Some of Ron’s work includes the repair of a Civil War Spencer Carbine. Before the repair, the gun was seized up and incapable of firing.
After Ron’s repair work, the gun was restored to a like-new state (pictured below.)

Ron's Services Include

  • Cleaning
  • Test Fire
  • Refinishing
  • Restoration
  • Stock Work
  • Stock Refinishing
  • Stock Repair
  • Cold Blueing
  • Scope Mounting
  • Bore Sighting
  • Trigger Jobs

Ron is a Massachusetts Registered Gunsmith